FPL wants to hike your electric rates – a lot.

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I hereby request to become a member of Floridians Against Increased Rates, Inc. (FAIR). I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and a customer of the Florida electric utility identified below. I support FAIR’s purposes of (a) advocating by all lawful means for the lowest possible electric rates that are consistent with my utility providing safe and reliable electric service, and (b) opposing by all lawful means utility proposals for rates and rate increases that are greater than necessary for my utility to provide safe and reliable service. I request and authorize FAIR to represent my interests in having the lowest possible rates for my electric service that are consistent with my utility providing safe and reliable service. I understand that no payment of dues is required for my membership in FAIR. By typing my name below, I am signing this application electronically. I consent to FAIR’s collection and use of my personal information provided below for the purposes associated with my membership as described in my application.

(*) Please note: We respect your privacy. We will not send you hard copy mail. We need your address in case FAIR is required to prove that its members are customers of one of the utilities listed above in proceedings before the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC), including cases before the PSC where your utility is seeking to increase your rates. As unlikely as this may sound, we have to recognize that when FAIR challenges a utility’s proposed rate increases, the utility may try to keep FAIR from intervening to represent the customers’ interests. We also represent that FAIR will not share your information with others unless FAIR is required by law, rule, or order to do so, and if we are required to provide such information in legal proceedings before the PSC, FAIR will seek to protect the confidentiality of your information.

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In March 2021, FPL asked the PSC to approve a series of rate increases every year from 2022 through 2025, starting with more than $1 billion a year in 2022 and totaling more than $6.2 billion over the period. After many parties, including FAIR, submitted extensive testimony and additional evidence demonstrating that those increases were excessive, some parties and FPL entered into a “settlement agreement” that would still give FPL unnecessary and excessive increases, totaling nearly $4.9 billion, over the 2022-2025 period, and the PSC approved the “settlement.” This “settlement” deal will still leave FPL earning significantly higher returns than the national average for electric utilities and also significantly higher than the returns the PSC approved just last year for Duke Energy and Tampa Electric. FAIR is challenging this unjust “settlement” by its pending appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.